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Freddie Hunt Continued

EB: If approached by the BBC, would you consider replacing Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear to share more of your advice on the way that cars should be in the future?

FH: I certainly wouldn’t dismiss it immediately, I’d look into it, but I couldn’t see myself as a presenter. I don’t think that’s my role at all, but I’d certainly look into looking to work with Top Gear, in order to promote electric vehicles. So I would look into it very seriously.


EB: Just to finish, focussing on the non-sustainable motorsport, who are you planning to support in this year’s F1 season?

FH: Well it’s got to be McLaren Honda as a team. If you’re looking for an individual driver, it’s hard to say really because I think, from what I hear from testing so far, I think Lewis (Hamilton) has got to be the favourite to win. However I am very fond of Daniel Ricciardo. I’d quite like him to have a good stab at it and hopefully, well I’m pretty sure that the Red Bull will be quite competitive again this year, on a par with the Mercedes, but who knows until the first race comes. No one knows what everyone’s got because they all keep their cards very close to their chests at the moment.


Thank you to Freddie for his time and insightful interview. Thanks also go to Elliot Hobson for providing the supporting photographs.



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