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Freddie Hunt

Last week, f1forkidz General Manager Ellie Bartley spoke to Freddie Hunt, the son of F1 legend James. Ellie learnt about his racing career so far, plans and expectations for 2015, racing under the Hunt name and life in general. We hope that you enjoy her interview.


EB: When did you decide that you wanted to become a racing driver?

FH: It was back in 2006, I was coming towards the end of a polo career. I didn’t know it was the end but I then met driving. I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I was invited along by a friend, to come the next day and I did. I saw his friend Jodie Kidd, who was driving a Maserati GT3 up the hill, and she said “Fred would you like to have a drive?” and I thought “Yes, why not. That sounds fun”. So I did, without a racing licence, so completely illegal and I’d only had a driving licence for about a week or two, so it was quite an experience. I was thrown into a full blown racing car and completely loved it as they say, and that’s when I went off racing.


EB: What are your plans and expectations for the upcoming 2015 season?

FH: Plans are Britcar 24 with Simon Green Motorsport, racing a Jaguar, #BringTheCatBack. I’m racing now in the Michelin Renault Clio Cup, which has just been confirmed today. Actually the announcement’s not going out until tomorrow morning (laughs), so it depends when you’re going to put this up. I’m racing for BKR Motorsport, well BKR racing in the Michelin Renault Clio Cup. We’re starting the first two rounds and then we’ll be doing two more rounds later in the season. We may do a few more, but it’s subject to budget as always. Oh and also in Formula Ford in the Walter Hayes Trophy, if I have the budget for that. I’m fairly confident that I should be able to find it.

Expectations? Well in Formula Ford, I’m sure I can get into the A class. I like to think that I should be able to get right up the front. I think last year I finished 4th in class, in the Class B. Renault Clio’s, I’m not sure. I’ve only tested them once and there was no one to compare against. The team was quite impressed, so maybe see what happens, start all the way at the back and make my way up.


EB: If you won a race in one of those series that you discussed, because obviously it will be a busy year for you, how would you choose to celebrate? Is there anything you particularly enjoy doing after a race?

FH: Well I’d come home to my friends and weather permitting, I’d probably buy a large piece of beef from the butchers, put it on the barbecue and cook that for a few hours, whilst drinking champagne.

EB: Very nice, sounds like a great thing to do, but as you say, weather permitting because the British weather can be very unpredictable.

FH: Exactly, if not I’d probably just have a roast or something like that. But who knows? Food with friends.





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