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Hamilton Heats Up Hungary


Lewis Hamilton won the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix, heating up the championship by putting himself one point short of a race win (24) ahead of rival Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton achieved a perfect get away and immediately built up a strong lead over the pack. He avoided the early retirees in the form of Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. The Red Bull's power failure resulted in a Virtual Safety car whilst the stricken car was moved off the track. One lap later, it was removed and racing resumed at full speed.

Ferrari suffered a multitude of issues, meaning that they were unable to decrease the gap on track and in the championships between themselves, Hamilton and Mercedes. Kimi Raikkonen received a low blow when he discovered that his engineers hadn't connected his drinks bottle. This meant that he no fluids for the 70 lap race in 37 degree heat. Then during his pit stop, there was an issue with his right rear tyre. Could his day get any worse? On lap 40, teammate Vettel also experienced a tyre issue in his pit stop. This time the problem was with the left front.

There was some last minute drama for Valterri Bottas. He had consecutive collisions. The first with Vettel. The second with Daniel Ricciardo. In the course of three laps, he had dropped from 2nd to 4th.

Hamilton's Hungarian heat domination continued on lap 70 as he crossed the line to claim his 5th victory of the season. Understandably Lewis was exhausted but elated.


We head into the summer break with Lewis Hamilton leading the championship by 24 points (1 short of a race win). The action continues in one month at the woodland wonderland, Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium.


Driver of the Day: Lewis Hamilton


1 Lewis Hamilton - 1:37:16

2 Sebastian Vettel

3 Kimi Raikkonen

4 Daniel Ricciardo

5 Valterri Bottas

6 Pierre Gasly

7 Kevin Magnussen

8 Fernando Alonso

9 Carlos Sainz

10 Romain Grosjean

11 Brendon Hartley

12 Nico Hulkenberg

13 Esteban Ocon

14 Sergio Perez

15 Marcus Ericsson

16 Sergey Sirotkin

17 Lance Stroll

18 Stoffel Vandoorne   DNF

19 Max Verstappen      DNF

20 Charles Leclerc       DNF