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Jenson Button

Q: What was your highlight of the 2011 season?

A: I had a lot of highs and lows in 2011. It was sort of my

   whole career rolled into one season. The highlight has

   to be my victories. You know, winning in Canada, which

   was a very up and down race. To come away with that

   victory from the back of the grid twice was a spectacular

   weekend. It’s one of those where if you win that type of

   race, it doesn’t happen more than once in your lifetime.

   Hopefully it will but normally it wouldn’t. A very special

   race victory. But also winning my 200th Grand Prix in

   Hungary, where I won my first Grand Prix was very

   special. And winning in Japan. I love Suzuka. It’s one of

   my favourite circuits so to win there in front of the

   Japanese people was good. It feels like a second home

   to me. All very special victories and I had lots of great

   memories from 2011.


Q: What are you most looking forward to about the 2012


A: Testing. You know, I think testing is going to be the

    most important thing for us. Last year, we had a pretty

    bad start to the year in terms of testing. Doing some

    mileage in testing, in Jerez and Barcelona, is

    very important for us. And also I’m looking forward to

    getting back in the car. It’s been a long time since I

    drove an F1 car. Even in my 13th season in F1, I still

    get that buzz. I still get that excitement and I do miss



Q: What do you think will be your biggest challenge in


A: I think the challenge is always to beat Red Bull. They’re

   doing such a good job at the moment. So that is always

   an exciting challenge. We have a change to the rear of

   car now. The regulations have changed in terms of the

   rear blown diffuser so trying to find downforce has been

   the most important thing and the most difficult thing for

   the team as a whole. For me, my aim is to fight for the

   World Championship. When you’ve won one already,

   nothing will do, even finishing second last year. We’re

   all aiming to beat Sebastian at the moment but I    think

   there’s going to be a lot of competition this year. You’ve

   got a very strong Ferrari and I think you’ll have a very

   strong Red Bull and I think you’ll also have Mercedes.

   They’ve put all their effort into building their 2012 car.  


Q: How do you think Mclaren will compare to Red Bull this


A: I hope it’s not the same as last season. They’re a very

    strong team and they haven’t made a lot of mistakes

    but I think a lot of it is because we haven’t put them

    under enough pressure. They’ve been very fast. If we  

    have the pace this year, then I think we might see a

    different Red Bull but we’ll have to wait and see. You

    can’t take anything away from them. They need a

    challenge and it’s definitely going to come from us.

    I think we’re looking at a very competitive 2012 and

    I really don’t feel there’s going to be one team that’s


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In February 2012, our manager Ellie Bartley interviewed Jenson Button at the Mclaren Technology Centre to get an insight into the brain of Button.