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Pre-Season Feature: Lewis is the Word


Currently in F1, Lewis is the name on everybody's lips. This is due to Lewis Hamilton leading the Driver's Championship as a result of winning 3 out of the 4 opening races of the 2015 season. Whilst Hamilton is causing a stir on track, another Lewis is impressing drivers and spectators off track.

Lewis Maundrell is a 13 year old sports reporter and commentator who like Hamilton, has decided to turn his passion into a job that he completes alongside his studies. He is currently working on the TOCA package and spends his weekends speaking to the likes of Jason Plato, Colin Turkington and Lando Norris.

We caught up with Lewis earlier in the year at the Autosport Show to find out more about his career so far, advice for other young people who would like to pursue a career in interviewing or presenting and cars/racing in general. Enjoy!


EB: I’m (f1forkidz General Manager Ellie Bartley) here at the 2015 Autosport International show with Lewis Maundrell, who is a 14 year old young interviewer.

So Lewis, why did you choose to pursue a career in interviewing?

LM: Well I like the whole idea of interviews and they always say for football, motorsport and things like that; start young. So I thought, why can that not be the case for interviewing? I got a nice mic for Christmas and tickets for Autosport and it all started here.


EB: Who do you aspire to be like in the future?

LM: Ben Edwards particularly, because he started as a commentator for the touring cars, which is where we are now and he’s done really well. He’s made it up to Formula 1. It would be brilliant if I could actually end up in Formula 1.


EB: Do you think Steve Rider would be happy about that, considering that you’ve spend most of your time around him and the touring cars?

LM: I don’t know (laughs)


EB: Do you ever get nervous? Obviously you’ve interviewed the likes of Jason Plato, Matt Neal and young Ginetta drivers.

LM: I always get nervous before my Q&A that I do, before I go up, things like that. The interview where I got the most nervous was when Super Tourers were at Oulton Park. I did one with John Cleland and because he’s a really big star, there was a huge audience there. I was interviewing in the same way as the Q&A’s but I still got really nervous. 


EB: Who’s the most co-operative driver that you’ve interviewed in your time?

LM: In (British) Touring Cars, it’s pretty much everyone. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Jason Plato. He really puts all of his answers into depth, which lets everyone get their next question all lined up and gather important information from it.


EB: Where’s the coolest location that you’ve conducted one of your interviews?

LM: Probably here!


EB: Is this the first time that you’ve been here?

LM: Well we (he and his father/manager Darren) went last year but apart from that, no. We went to Oulton Park for the first time on my birthday in 2008 when I was 6. We went there every year since to celebrate my birthday.

Want more?

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