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Pre-Season Feature: Continued

EB:  Moving onto F1, because obviously that’s what f1forkidz is about, if you could interview any of this season’s Formula 1 drivers, who would you choose?

LM: It would probably be one of the most obvious choices but Lewis Hamilton. Two reasons in particular, obviously he’s just won the Formula One title, so I’d interview him and get all of his reactions. Also, I’ve never met him, but on TV he’s always a cool, calm person on camera and I think he’d be really fun to do an interview with.


EB: So you’ve said Lewis, but where would you choose to interview him on the F1 calendar? Obviously there’s the new races, there’s all the classic and infamous places like Spa and Silverstone but which would you choose?

LM: I would probably go with Abu Dhabi. Nice and hot, in your shades and if we can do it at night, everything will all be lit up and it will look really nice. It would be really cool to do it there.


EB: It would be interesting to see you interviewing him on one of the rollercoasters at Ferrari World. What do you think about that?

LM: Well, I don’t know if you’ll get much proper audio out of that interview but it would be fun.


EB: Obviously there’s lots of brilliant cars here today. So what’s your favourite race car firstly and then road car?

LM: I’ll do road car first. I’ve always wanted a Caterham R500. I really don’t know why but I’ve always wanted one. That has always been my dream car. A race car would probably be any of the touring cars because they are really quick, they look really good and they provide brilliant racing.


EB: Have you ever tried driving at all?

LM: When I was 7, I was bought a kart. I didn’t do any races with it but I’d mainly drive around when I could. I just did that for a couple of years.


EB: Finally, obviously there are lots of young people out there who want to do the same as you do. What advice would you give to another young person wanting to follow in your footsteps?

LM: Well I would say to anybody who’s young; if there’s something you enjoy or are passionate about, just do it! There’s really nothing stopping you.




Thank you to Lewis for his insightful interview. We wish him the best of luck with the remainder of his season and throughout his career going forward.


If you would like to learn more about Lewis or ask him a question yourself, head to his website:





To watch Lewis' interviews from the first 2 rounds of the 2015 TOCA season from Brands Hatch and Donington Park, check out his Youtube channel:




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