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Max Coates

Ellie: Happy New Year Max! Did you have an enjoyable festive period and indulge yourself with lots of nice food?


Max: Thanks, Happy New Year to you too. I’ve had a great time over the 2016 / 17 festive period, made all the better that I was able to announce my racing plans for 2017 before the Christmas break. As a result I’ve been more focused and determined than ever to continue with my fitness training and having a gym at home has meant that side of things never really stopped. But it’s safe to say I’ve had a lot of fun, eaten a big Christmas dinner and chilled out a bit.


E: As a young driver and defending champion, how important is a healthy and active lifestyle?


M: I think it’s critical to success, your health and fitness is one of the many important factors that makes you a successful driver, and hopefully champion. It carries a number of benefits in the Renault UK Clio Cup, first of all being fit and healthy means that your never using ‘fitness’ as an excuse, you can use 100% of your mental capacity for driving fast and making the right decisions. Secondly being light and having a low body fat percentage means you stay a bit cooler in the car and you can use ballast in the passenger side of the car to your advantage for a better car set up. Finally being prepared physically for the next few stages of your career is important so you can make the most of opportunities that arise, like testing Ciceley Motorsport’s Mercedes ‘A’ Class British Touring Car at the end of last year.


E: How have Torque Human Performance helped you to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle?


M: Torque Human Performance have provided me with a fitness training programme and a diet plan, as well as the tools to keep track of it. They’re also on hand for advice and have been great in adapting both the training and diet plan to suit to me. I’m now training 5 days a week and I am eating a lot better and healthier foods than I was before, which is working

really well. We changed my training programme at the end of last year to focus more on my upper body and shoulders in anticipation that I may race in the BTCC this year, however that will no doubt help down the line.


E: Explain a situation where Torque’s assistance has helped you to achieve success.


M: I started working with Torque at the end of June, since then I’ve been on the podium at every event I’ve been at. I think the real success is still to come, some things take a little bit of time to implement and the effects of the working with Torque Human Performance don’t come over night. I feel like I’m in a great position fitness-wise heading into 2017 and I’m sure by the time April 1 st comes I’ll be even better.


E: With support from Torque, what are your aspirations for the upcoming season?


The aim for 2017 is to win the Renault UK Clio Cup. I want to be in a position to graduate into the BTCC in 2018 and working with Torque is part of that development.