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EB: It sounds like you’ve got some really good ambitions. Moving on to some more general questions.

Obviously you’ve touched on having your own car. How many times did it take you to pass your test?


PP: It took me three. I passed on my third go. Getting used to the driving was alright, it was just all the other bits. Obviously I’d only driven karts up to the point where I took my test and it’s just getting used to the parts like roundabouts and signalling and stuff. That’s where I went down. The general car, making it move and control, was fine but it just took me a couple of goes to get used to the quirks of driving. Yeah, it took me a couple of goes!


EB: If you could have any road car to travel to races in, what would it be?


PP: I don’t really know. Just as an everyday car, I wouldn’t want anything too fancy because it would be quite a lot to run and it’s not convenient. I’ve currently got a Year 2000 Peugeot 106 and I quite like that actually. If money no object, what car would you like? I think I’d either have a Nissan GT-R, just because they look so cool, or something like a nice GT car, an Aston Martin or something similar to that. I think it would just be quite cool to have. I wouldn’t want anything too flash like a Ferrari or anything. I mean they’re really nice cars but it’s just not my style I don’t think. Something like an Aston Martin would be really cool.


EB: It sounds like you’re well-grounded but you’ve still got the bug of the fun of motorsport.


PP: Yeah I know. When people ask me “What car would you want?” or “What car would you spend this much money on?” I always tell them “Why would I need a fast road car when I can drive a racing car?” When you’re driving a racing car, you can go as fast as you want. It’s almost like the stuff you can’t do on the road, you can do. You just get let loose. So, I wouldn’t want to drive a fast car on the road. I’d just want something comfy that gets me around.


EB: In terms of F1, which would be your ideal F1 team to drive for and why?


PP: Well at the moment, it seems like Mercedes would be a good one to drive for. I like winning obviously, but the reason that I’m in motorsport as a driver is because I like racing. So sort of a midfield. In the midfield at the moment, they’ve got a really great battle, especially last year and going into next year. Force India, Red Bull, that sort of area. So one of those teams would be good fun, because you’re not only racing against your teammate. If you think about Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, basically as long as they don’t crash, they’re racing 1 v 1 almost for the win. I’d really like to be in Formula 1. So maybe something like Red Bull, Force India, one of those sort of teams where I really get to go for it. Obviously if the car is on form, then you can fight the Mercedes or the Ferrari’s, so that would be quite good.


EB: So if you were racing for one of the F1 teams, say Red Bull or Force India, who would be your ideal F1 teammate then, past or present?


PP: Past or present? That’s a really good question. I think present, I’d like to put myself up against the best drivers, to see how I fare and just to learn from them a lot, especially if it’s my first year in Formula 1. No one’s going to expect you to beat a well-rounded teammate. So someone like Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel because they’re known to be some of the best. I’d really like to come up against them and see how I fare. Then maybe the year after, I can go after them and try and beat them. From the past, I think it would have been good with the real greats like (Michael) Schumacher and (Ayrton) Senna and a few others like Prost and even further back, like Fangio. It would be really good, I mean obviously it’s not possible, but to go back and try and race against them in equal machinery while they were in their heyday, that would be really good. Everyone always talks about the best ever being Lewis Hamilton and Vettel, but you never really know who will be the best ever because it’s in different eras, different cars. So I think it would be good to race against all the greats.



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