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EB: Well, it sounds like you’re well set up for the future and we hopefully look forward to seeing you in F1 in the next couple of years.


PP: That would be really good! I’d love to speak to you again if I am in Formula 1 at some point.


EB: That would be brilliant and I’m sure after this really insightful interview, our fans would love it. So thank you very much for your time this afternoon and I hope you have a great rest of your day.


PP: No, thank you for having me to interview and if there’s any kids out there that are interested in motorsport, have a look around, obviously on social media and on the f1forkidz website. I think it’s a really great sport and I’ve enjoyed every minute that I’ve been in motorsport and it’s taught me so much, not just as a driver but also as a person. I’m so much more confident than I would have been and it’s taught me so much about life in general. It’s a great sport. Get involved however possible!


EB: Brilliant! Thanks very much Piers.


PP: Thank you



For more information on Piers or to track his progress throughout 2016, head to his website: http://www.piersprior.com/