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Piers Prior Interview

I’m (f1forkidz General Manager Ellie Bartley) here at Autosport International 2016 with Piers Prior, an upcoming young driver, who is look to progress to the next step in his motorsport career. So Piers, Good Afternoon. How are you enjoying your first Autosport Show?


PP: Good Afternoon. I’m having a great time actually. It’s quite busy and there’s loads to look at. There’s so many racing cars from different places and some stands. So I’m learning a lot about different things. It’s really good actually. It’s massive. Its way bigger than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be big, but this is just another level. There’s so many people, all the big wigs. I mean Jean Todt is here, all the Touring Car boys are here and there are some from the World Endurance Championship. It’s a really good spectacle.


EB: There’s lots of great stalls with lots of great things here. So, have you bought anything? If so, what?


PP: I’ve bought a few little things. I needed some HANS posts for my new helmet that I won from the Henry Surtees race. So, I’ve got some of them for my helmet, which will be painted soon. I’ve also got some random chamois leather cloth things just for my car. There was quite a good deal on them. I’ve got a few other bits and bobs; loads of bags! Loads of branded stuff. I’ve just been around to see what deals I can get.


EB: How did you get into motorsport because you sound pretty passionate already at such a young age? So how did it all come about for you?


PP: My parents have always had an interest in motorsport. When we were about 8 or 9, my younger brother and I, who’s just over a year younger than me, went to our local indoor kart circuit. We had a little Arrive ‘n’ Drive session; just 15 minutes. I had a go and just really liked it. I thought it was good fun, so carried on and did the junior categories there, then moved up out of karting and that’s just how it went. I just got bitten by the bug as it were.


EB: You said that you raced with your brother. Out of the two of you, who’s the better driver?


PP: Well my brother liked it but he wasn’t so into the racing. He’s quite a big rugby fan, so he plays a lot rugby and hasn’t been karting in a long time. So, I’d say that I’m definitely the racing driver of us two but he’d definitely beat me up on a rugby pitch.











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