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Sam Brabham

I’m (f1forkidz General Manager Ellie Bartley) here at Autosport International with Sam Brabham, who is a brilliant, upcoming driver that you should all follow. So Sam, Happy New Year, how are you today?


SB: Yeah, I’m very good thanks. Happy New Year to you too. It’s a great event that we’re here at; Autosport International.


EB: Now the New Year has just started, so let’s start with 2015. What are your plans and expectations for the season ahead?


SB: The plan is to do LMP3. Obviously we need to find the budget first and find the backing but I think it’s a really good place to start off, in sports cars. For me, the goal is to be a Formula 1 world champion but I’m realistic to know that it’s not always going to work out that way and I’d rather be a paid professional than get to GP2 and then have nothing. LMP3 is the plan and we’re working really hard to achieve that.



EB: Ok, for people who don’t know you had a bit of an expected season last year with an incident at Oulton Park. How have you used that incident to prepare for this season’s racing?


SB: Yeah, I mean Oulton Park was a bit of a low point. We had a massive shunt in Race 2 and at first, it was tough. I went to Croft and watched and that was hard. Then I kind of realised, it’s not the end of the world, I’ve still done a hell of a lot this year and I’ve proved that I can win and proved that I can be fast. I just have to look forwards and take what I can out of not driving rather than get bummed out about it. That made me mature and appreciated the opportunities that I had after that more. I drove a few cars for free fortunately enough and appreciated the opportunities a hell of a lot more then than before.


EB: Moving on to this brilliant Project Brabham situation that you’ve got going. Just explain to everyone, what is Project Brabham?


SB: So Project Brabham is a new way of racing. The plan is to do LMP2 and FIA WEC. We’re (Sam and his family) bringing back the Brabham way of thinking. Jack was always pioneering and he was innovative. We’re using Brabham-Fan, Brabham-Driver and Brabham-Engineer apps online, one to get involved with the project and two, to give people more. Things like how to be a better driver and for engineers, it’s about how things work. It’s not just for drivers and engineers. Fans can buy the packages too and get live on-board videos, see team meetings. We’re hoping to get a camera on some of the mechanics so that when they’re doing a pit-stop and changing tyres, you’ll be right there with everyone. It’s a journey and we wanted to start with the crowdfunding to get people on-board and to help them to be a part of that journey, rather than just being a fan and having a hat or t-shirt and saying ‘I support that team’. Now it’s the principle of being a part of that process and getting everyone on-board, which is fantastic!




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