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E: How would you recommend that young drivers get the perfect racing and social life balance? Obviously there are lots of young people out there who are concerned about their fitness but also want to go and enjoy time with their friends away from the track or even at the track.


L: We definitely encourage people to have fun. I mean, we both think that you have to enjoy what you’re doing in terms of your career but also the bits on the side like your fitness and nutrition.


J: You need a balance. Perhaps get your friends involved as well. Manage your time well so that you can do all of those things. When we provide plans for people, there’s always rest days. So in the week when you don’t have to go to the gym, you do have the opportunity to pursue other activities and then with our nutrition plans, there’s always a Cheat Day where you can eat what you like for certain meals. So you can go out and socialise with your friends and eat what you want.


L: You can time in your Cheat Meals for that week with your rest day. That could mean that you can spend a Sunday, out in the evening with your friends and then the rest of the week you’re committed. That’s how we like to tailor it (nutrition plans).


E: What are your favourite Cheat Meals or treats?


L: Very good question! I think pizza.


J: Yeah, definitely got to be pizza!


L: Chinese takeaway


J: Anything carby


L: Anything greasy, carby. Just going out for food, I think that’s generally it.


E: (Laughs) Yeah, it’s very hard, especially when you’re on the go at racing.


L: Well the burger van is just there. But what we do is meal prep. If we’re at a weekend, we prepare our food in advance, so that we’re like “We’re on it!” and we’ve got tubs of stuff and food set up. That’s a good thing for drivers to do in terms of eating as well. So if we prep everything, they don’t feel like they’re having to do that as well.


E: Of course, and I think that’s a really good point actually Leanne, because finding these catering facilities or even creating these relationships can be really difficult and like you say, you guys can provide things that people can prepare prior to the race. It’s really helpful.


L: Definitely, a lot of drivers find it helpful. Say some of the bigger teams have their own caterers, a lot of it is quite starchy, heavy, carby food. We encourage carbs before the race because it gives you lots of energy but it’s not the right sort of food that you’d want. So it’s good for us to tell drivers “Actually, you can prepare this or you can tell the caterers or nutritionists that are with the team that you’d like this. That’s the kind of route that is really important for drivers and it will help them in their race. For example, if their race is in an hour, it’s really going to have a massive effect and on their recovery as well.

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