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Torque Human Performance

Ellie: Tell us a bit about yourselves and why you got involved in sports science and nutrition and helping young drivers.


Leanne: We’ve both got different stories haven’t we really, of how we got to this point, so (to Jacob) do you want to go first?


Jacob: No you can go.


L: So I started actually, I was interested in medicine and science; that was through school. The main reason I got into fitness was because I got bullied for being very, very slim. I always got bullied for it and I thought I couldn’t but on any weight but I could put on muscle. So I went to the gym, didn’t know what I was doing, weightlifted, put on some muscle, thought “I really enjoy this”. So I then went down that fitness route of really enjoying what I was doing and then thought “Right, I want to mix sports science and fitness” and then went into my Masters in Strength and Conditioning and then that’s where it’s come with my passion for motorsport.


J: Myself, I started off doing Sports Therapy at Uni and was very involved in sports like rugby but felt like it wasn’t really for me. I progressed from that degree into my Masters, Strength and Conditioning and had a passion for motorsport alongside everything I do so I thought “Why not combine the two?” and approach that niche area.


E: How do you help young drivers like Max (Coates) to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle?


L: I think the main thing that we do with drivers like that is first of all: Motivate, second of all: Guidance and Advice, and then with our services, so specific things like specialised nutrition plans and personalised training plans that they can follow it and have a structured way of living. That for them (drivers) is really important in making sure that they get everything that they need in order to be the best! That with race day support and cool downs and general advice within the industry that they don’t have from elsewhere.


E: Being in the industry, you’ve been to a few race circuits now. Do you have any favourite training locations and workouts to do whilst you’re there?


J: As far as the circuits go, what we try to do with a lot of drivers is show them that they don’t have to be in a gym to work on themselves. We know that being in that industry, a lot of time is spent at the track so coming up with these body weight workouts and stuff that can be done in hotel rooms or track workouts is essential. I’d say that that’s probably our favourite way to work with people and approach them in that way.


L: Track walks as well. So when we’re at a track, a lot of drivers like to do that. A lot of them get in their buggies and do it but it’s like “No, you’re walking it!” to get that fitness side before the race.


E: And bikes are quite a common thing now


L: A lot of people do ride the circuits and that’s definitely something that we encourage. It’s really good to do different types (of exercise). Rather than going to the gym, you can do outdoor training. You can go for a hike. That kind of stuff we love to encourage people to do.


E: I suppose with the new bike craze, it’s almost like being in the gym on a bike there.


L: Of course it is but you’re outside getting fresh air and different terrains, experiencing the outside rather than the in.


E: Exactly!

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